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Burnout: Am I Fried or Do I Just Need a Nap?

Unprecedented. We've all heard this phrase uttered numerous times since the beginning of the pandemic. So much so that it's almost become a cliché and with a tone that says *shrug* "c'est la vie."

Burnout, most commonly associated with work conditions, has touched us all during these unprecedented times and in ways (other than work) we never would have thought of. Maybe you've heard it called "COVID Fatigue," "Moral Injury," or some other phrase. For the purposes of this article, I will stick to using burnout, but what does burnout mean?

Burnout is the emotional, mental, and physical results of prolonged and repeated exposure to stress.

One estimate, based on data collected from LinkedIn's Glint Platform, suggests that symptoms of burnout have increased by at least 33% in the first few months of the pandemic alone.

Determining if you are living with Burnout can be difficult. While there are a number of assessments available, there is still some discussion about how effective these assessments are. The definition of burnout varies and share symptoms with other, more serious conditions requiring assessment of a medical professional or psychotherapist.

If you are wondering if you have burnout, here are the experiences often associated with burnout:

  • Sleeplessness & Fatigue

  • Forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating

  • Changes in weight and appetite

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Physical symptoms (headaches, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, etc.)

  • Anger & Cynicism

    • Loss of enjoyment in things you usually enjoyed

    • Negativity

    • Social isolation and detachment

    • Increased irritability

  • Poor performance, loss of productivity

While assessments may or may not be effective, clinically, they can help individuals and teams see where they are at and evaluate how effective their efforts are to reduce burnout.

Click here to receive your free personal burnout assessment.

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